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School boy bullied for not wearing pink shirt today

Abbotsford, BC – Local eighth grader Liam Stroud was tormented repeatedly today at school after he was the only student who forgot to wear pink to participate in the school’s anti- initiative.

“Where’s your pink shirt, dorkus?” asked one of Stroud’s schoolmates, Carly Sinclair while pointing at his sweatshirt that didn’t have a trace of the colour pink or a similar shade. “Don’t you know it’s , you moron? Now people are going to think you don’t stand for anti-bullying. You’re such an idiot!”

Sinclair quickly alerted other students about the 13-year-old’s misfortune of forgetting to wear the t-shirt that was given to him only yesterday by the Pink Shirt Day campaign. A gaggle of 20 students quickly formed around Stroud so the group could stare and laugh at the teenager many described as a ‘shitbrain’ and ‘homo’ that ruins everything including the day where all students stood up to bullying.

Before chanting their traditional chant ‘Liam’s Gonna Cry’, which resulted in Liam crying, school children talked about how important it was to make everyone feel safe from bullies “so long as you’re not Liam.”

Teachers also joined in expressing their disappointment in Stroud, who said that a student who can’t remember to follow a simple clothing directive is unlikely to achieve to much in life.

“Can’t you just be like everyone else instead of being different all of the time?” rhetorically asked Mrs. Sanderson. “Why are you such a troublemaker?”

According to sources, Stroud plans on wearing a pink shirt tomorrow, but bullies have already indicated he will face retribution if he tries anything weird like that.

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