Poll suggests 75% of Canadians sick of other 25% always embarrassing them

OTTAWA – A new Angus Reid poll has found that nearly one in four Canadians favours imposing a style on immigration, while the other three Canadians are sick of that guy being such a douche all the time.

“Oh god, what did they say about this time?” inquired the vast majority of the country. “Would someone please shut them up.”

“Every time we go out in public they do this,” complained 37.5% of Canadians as another 37.5% nodded in agreement.

The poll further indicated that a vast majority of the population feel just terrible about this, and would really appreciate it if we didn’t make too big a deal about it.

“These 9 million people are really nice once you get to know them, but sometimes they get riled up and say stupid, stupid things that reflect badly on the rest of us. As a result we have decided to stop hanging out with them,” said Winnipeg resident Heidi Sullivan.

The poll also found that 100% of refugees didn’t really care what the 25% thought, as they would rather not die in a warzone.

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