Editorial: Son, you have completely ruined Flag Day - The Beaverton

Editorial: Son, you have completely ruined Flag Day


Your mother and I are very, very disappointed in you and your behaviour on this sacred annual day. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for ruining National Flag of Day!

First, you completely forgot it was today and didn’t get up 6 AM, like every other patriotic Canadian, and raise the Maple Leaf on our 10m flag pole while singing O Canada in both official languages. What would flag artist Alan Beddoe – God rest his brilliant soul – think of your complete lack of respect by being asleep when we sang ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’?

And then we had to drag you to our the local Settlers Museum where you rolled your eyes at the town councilor’s speech and the historian’s presentation. And then you whined about not being in school and having a math exam. Well guess what, mister? Our family, along with millions of other Canadians spend three hours in silence staring at the 11 tips of the leaf finding meaning in this divine red and white flag.

Do you think this is funny? Because Parliamentarians didn’t give over 250 speeches in 1964 during a filibuster by John Diefenbaker for nothing. Jean Chretien didn’t strangle a protester at the very first ceremony in 1996 for nothing! They did it to protect the flag and its meaning!

What an utter disrespect you’ve shown today. Go to your room!

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