Couple slips Iceland trip pics under your pillow in case you didn't see them online - The Beaverton

Couple slips Iceland trip pics under your pillow in case you didn’t see them online

TORONTO – Just in case you missed their trip photos on Facebook and Instagram, local couple Seth and Alyssa have placed a selection of hard copy prints under your pillow.

Their stunning adventure-vacation was shared widely across social media platforms early this week, but they noticed you didn’t like the photo of them in windbreakers at Vatnajökull National Park nor the cute one of them in the Blue Lagoon. The couple were notably alarmed when over 15 breathtaking images of waterfalls went unliked by you. Among other images that failed to elicit your reaction were: a gorgeous photo-op of the two at a tectonic-plate boundary, an incredible shot of Seth glacier hiking taken with Alyssa’s new Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and a subtly haunting image of Reykjavik at dawn.

Seth and Alyssa had attempted to attract your attention with informative image captions such as “only 4 hours of daylight in this magical place” or “the tap water smells like eggs!” to no avail. As a last resort, they simply broke into your apartment while you were at work and did you the favour of sharing the photos that you obviously didn’t see on social media “probably because Sara and Megan’s desperate Argentina trip pics were clogging up your feed,” suggested Alyssa.

At press time, Seth and Alyssa had invited you over to watch the award-winning independent Icelandic film Rams.