Australia PM to Trump: "We're the racist ones mate" - The Beaverton

Australia PM to Trump: “We’re the racist ones mate”

SYDNEY – A would be friendly phone conversation between United States President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister ended abruptly over the weekend after Turnbull insisted that should be the more racist country.

“The question for the bloke [Trump] was a simple one,” explained Turnbull in an interview with Sydney radio host Larry Emdur. “Does he believe that Australian government’s policies towards immigrants is less racist than the United States? If yes, then I certainly have a problem with that.”

“For years, Australia has been known around the globe as the most racist country in the world, with our poor treatment of immigrants, mob beatings of Asian-Australians, and displacement of Aborigines. [Trump’s] first two weeks in office reek of Australia. Like we Aussies say; ‘a day ahead, thirty years back.”

Then the Australian leader took the time to remind listeners that his nation is a world leader in bigotry.

“Don’t think this little Muslim travel ban will intimidate us. The conditions in our immigration detention camps in Nauru would make Steve Bannon blush.”