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5 adorable dogs who also regret supporting Donald Trump

Dogs are man’s best friend. But just like humans; sometimes they make mistakes, like chewing shoes or supporting a dictator. Here are 5 pups who also wish they hadn’t thrown their support behind President Donald Trump.

Oh man, this adorable guy just knows he did something naughty! Did he eat a roast you had on the counter? Did he drink from the toilet? Or, like you, did he willingly overlook Donald Trump’s fascist and autocratic statements and help put him into power?


Oh no! Your little buddy has two regrets: he tried to swallow a bee, and he assisted the campaign of a plutocrat who has no idea how to properly run a government.


Who’s a good boy? Not this guy – he contributed to the demise of the American Experiment.


Looks like this pup is trying to bury his head in order to ignore the daily proof that Donald Trump is clearly a terrible President, just like you!


This pooch regrets nothing. Donald Trump is a man of action. He is running the country like a business. This is what America needs. Also he really wants him to get rid of ‘those dogs’ if you know what he means.

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