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“Protest doesn’t solve anything,” says man who has never solved anything

LONDON, ON – In a revolutionary move, local man George Hunter has posted online about his disdain for civil action as a solution despite the fact that he has never even changed a lightbulb without help.

“Bunch of SJW feminazi leftist crybabies think this is going to make a difference?” typed Hunter on a Reddit thread about protests responding to ’s . “I bet nobody is even going to show up!”

Hunter, who has never given his money or time to a charitable cause, says that taking action against “niche” problems like racism and sexism is a waste of time, time that could be spent complaining about protesters online.

“You’re such an idiot,” said Hunter, responding to a post beseeching everyone to call their representatives and donate to NGOs. “It’s like Martin Luther King said: Protest has never made anything better for anybody from any group.”

“Prove me wrong. Oh wait, you can’t.”

But Hunter and men like Hunter aren’t new to the anti-protest movement. Most have been involved ever since they realized that some people were paying too much attention to women and minorities. Despite never even making an effort to solve any social issue, they’ve been surprisingly effective at getting their message out using social media.

“I mean, what are they even protesting about?” commented Hunter on a video of a group of people linking arms to protect now-banned refugees from police. “Maybe these people should stop overreacting and start proposing some solutions! Like how come MEN can get drafted and women can’t? Why isn’t there a WHITE Lives Matter movement? And why are can openers so hard to use?!”

This series of posts are Hunter’s biggest accomplishment since he explained why the Women’s March was pointless on Twitter.

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