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Man on bus needs to tell someone, anyone that it’s 4:20 PM

TORONTO – After looking at his watch and stifling a giggle, local man Calhoun is now trying to make eye-contact with literally anybody else on the , so that he can let them know it’s in the afternoon.

“Come on, come on, somebody,” said Dave, to himself, while trying to meet the downcast eyes of other commuters with only forty seconds until 4:21. “You guys are gonna miss it…”

Sources say Dave then spent another fifteen precious seconds hissing the word ‘hey!’ at a guy wearing headphones, who clearly heard him, but was using the headphones as a justification for acting like he didn’t hear him.

Although Dave had almost given up by the time the bus pulled into a stop at 4:20:50, redemption came shortly afterward, when he shouted ‘Hey, it’s 4:20 right now’ at a female senior boarding the bus, who replied, ‘Okay.’

This is the biggest scene Dave has made on a bus since last spring, when he finally made the trip to ride the Warden South Northbound Bus, route 69.

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