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Facebook year in review video just pictures of things on fire

EDMONTON – Local woman Carly Everton has advised that the year in review photo album automatically generated by Facebook to make people feel nostalgic is showing her nothing but photos of things burning.

“Last year it was mostly photos of me, my wife and our dog,” said Everton. “But I guess the algorithm changed or something because 2016 was just the world ablaze.”

“I was surprised at first but frankly it was pretty appropriate.”

The problem appears to go beyond Everton, who insists she never posted any photos of cars, cities and human beings being reduced to ash by flames. Several other users have reported that their albums consisted of photos of people screaming in pain or gifs of things exploding. One Kitchener man advised that, after clicking the play button, he was shown what appeared to be a real snuff film.

Facebook representatives appeared confused by the development.

“We don’t know for sure, but it appears the overwhelming horror of 2016 infiltrated our code.”
Facebook has vowed to fix the problem before putting out the 2017 year in reviews, should humanity make it that far.