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Twitter hate wrongly directed at user with same name as Voldemort

– In their hurry to condemn a controversial public figure on social media, hundreds of people continue to wrongfully direct angry messages, verbal abuse and harassment towards one twitter user who coincidentally happens to be named .

“It was confusing at first, all these people in my mentions, furious with me for killing this wizard or that wizard, or this wizard’s parents. You know, telling me to get a nose,” explained Voldemort Thompson, a non-magical driving instructor from Fredericton, New Brunswick. “I’ve never killed any wizards. I wouldn’t even know how, I assume it’s hard.”

After some online investigating, he found the source of the confusion: people believed they were tweeting at the Dark Lord Voldemort, Heir of Slytherin and owner of the twitter account @Lord_Voldemort7. Voldemort Thompson’s twitter handle is @Voldemortt, with two T’s (“for Thompson,” he explained).

“Generally once I let them know that I’m not THAT Voldemort, most people just apologize and move on,” said Thompson. “Of course I get a few people who don’t believe me, they want to see a picture of the back of my head to check it for faces, they want me to prove my account’s not a Horcrux, that kind of thing. At that point all you can really do is block and mute.”

“Admittedly, the fact that I also have a pet snake didn’t help the situation,” Thompson added.

For his part, Thompson says he’s trying to use it as an opportunity to meet new people online. “It’d be great if people just took the time to see what the real me is all about,” he added. “I’m not Lord Voldemort, the evil sorcerer who caused endless amounts of hardship for the protagonists of the universe. I’m Voldemort Thompson; rock-climber, dad, and White Nationalist.”