Taxi protest delays commuters just long enough to download Uber app - The Beaverton

Taxi protest delays commuters just long enough to download Uber app

TORONTO – A protest by taxi-cab drivers against ’s infringement on their business caused gridlock on the Gardiner, Lakeshore and Queen Street, giving commuters just enough time to download the app onto their phone.

“I’ve been meaning to do this,” said lawyer Adia Bello as she sat unmoving on the westbound Gardiner near Islington. “But I’m so busy and I usually forget and just take a cab when I need a ride. Last time my driver was twenty minutes late!”

“It sucks to sit in traffic, but at least now I’ll get to try out Uber!” she added as she hit the download button.

Many of the delayed travellers appeared unaware that the source of their troubles were cabbies angry at the lack of regulation and enforcement for UberX, but were just glad to have something crossed off their ‘to do’ list.

“Normally my streetcar ride to Osgoode station is too short to download a new app, but today I had plenty of time. I guess it’s true what they say, ‘always look on the bright side’ right?” said Glen Capelli.

The Beaverton reached out to both the protesting taxi drivers and Uber for comment on this story. The drivers refused to comment but did punch our window and hold onto our door as we drove away after seeing a passenger in our back seat. Uber advised it would have a comment for us as soon as it finished counting it’s money.