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Heckler at stand-up comedy show punished by having to watch improv comedy show

WINNIPEG – After repeated rude and crass outbursts at the stand up comedians performing on stage local man Ronny Waldston was removed from the Chuckle Hut mainstage and forcibly sat at the improvisational show taking place in the basement.

“We politely asked the guest to be considerate to our performers,” said manager Eric Miller. “Once it became clear he would not be quiet, we decided he no longer deserved the privilege of watching people tell jokes that were pre-planned and well crafted.”

“Also, frankly, the audience for the troupe was a little light and they needed someone to call out suggestions for the next game,” Miller added.

Shortly after Waldston was placed into the show, a longform improv showcase by group the Merry Magdalenes called “Let’s Get Biblical!,” employees could hear him banging on the walls and begging to be let out before he, like the rest of the audience, went completely quiet.

Afterwards Waldston appeared quite shocked by the ordeal

“I thought it would be funny to yell out ‘my dick’ when they asked for a location, but then they actually acted out an entire scene set in my dick and there was absolutely nothing funny about it. Especially when they called me on stage and made me play Party Quirks with them.”

Waldston also expressed both regret and outrage over the entire incident.

“I know I shouldn’t have yelled at the female comic to show me her tits. I understand that now. But I didn’t deserve… no one deserves to have to sit there and watch 4 people do bad German accents because they are playing German tourists wandering around the city. Nothing even happened. That was the whole scene and it lasted 15 minutes!”

At press time the Merry Magdalenes were all pretty happy with how the show went.

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