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Self-driving car lead suspect in Hitchbot murder case

, PA- Following the murder of Canadian-made robot Hitchbot, police have released the identity of their main suspect; automated car GC-8402.

“We think there must have been an altercation of some kind between the two, which precipitated the attack,” said Constable William Gordon of the Philadelphia PD. “Maybe Hitchbot suggested an alternate route.”

Robot rights activists have taken this unfortunate case to highlight the lack of protection afforded to automatons by Canadian and U.S. law.

“The three laws of criminal robotics are in serious need of reform.” said robot rights lawyer David Waxler. “The first law prohibits robots from harming humans, but leaves the door wide opens for mass robot-on-robot violence. There are thousands of inhumane battlebot fights happening each year in America alone, and no legal repercussions for the perpetrators.”

The suspect is being described as white, 3042 pound Toyota Prius wearing Goodyear tires. Police advised 8402 may have discarded it’s license plate or gotten a new paint job to avoid detection.

This is the most heartbreaking case of robocide since chess playing computer Deep Blue was found murdered in it’s New York apartment by short circuit.