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Plaid burka latest fad in Albertastan

CALGARY – The NDP’s majority win in the Alberta provincial election has had an unforeseen effect on the province, besides just turning it into a fundamentalist Muslim society governed by Sharia law. Plaid burkas are now the rage among young cowgirls in the province. Whether it’s a local bar or a country barn dance, young women are sporting plaid, top to bottom.

Attorney General and fashion expert Peter MacKay explained the latest trend by saying that “Clearly the NDP’s radicalist views are influencing the fashion of Albertans, I mean Albertastanies.”

“What are they hiding under those things anyway? A gun, a bomb, or just the usual six-pack of ?” MacKay added.

Calgary’s most popular bars like the dance hall “Cowboys” have taken notice of the new trend. “I noticed that guys were coming in less,” explained manger Johnny Cantiveros. “Dudes weren’t interested in being served by waitresses in short shorts and showing a lot of cleav. We couldn’t even get 18 year olds interested in our famous ‘Hooter Shooters,’ but as soon as I put a plaid over our girls, we were back in business.”

At press time oil riggers in had been seen wearing dishdashas.