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Batman vs. Superman movie pushed back to 2016 because it’s going so awesome

– A spokesperson for Warner Brothers announced this week that the planned sequel to “Man Of Steel” would have its release date postponed by a year, purely because the project was proceeding too smoothly and because of how few problems had been encountered.

Sources inside the studio note that the film was written with “surprising ease”, despite the fact that it included plotlines for such unrelated characters as , , Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and even apparently Aquaman for some reason.

“You’d think a script like that would be a jumbled nightmare to write” said one source, “but nope, every day it was high fives all around the office.”

The studio spokesperson assured comic book fans that the movie was just sailing through pre-production, even in spite of pressure to balance the corporate interests of AOL Time Warner shareholders and the film studio’s palpable desperation to make up for lost time competing with Marvel’s already successful Avengers.

Reached for comment, director Zack Snyder echoed the studio’s enthusiastic praise for the project.

“It was almost too easy”, Snyder said. “And the best part is how relaxed we were after Man Of Steel proved so unifying and unreservedly beloved by fans, with its depiction of a grim, dour Superman who cares more about murdering his enemy than about saving the tens of thousands of people killed in the collateral damage.”

“You couldn’t ask for a better launching point”

Sources inside WB studios have, however, reported concerns that Ben Affleck was too uncontroversial a casting choice, leading the studio to open re-casting talks with James Franco.