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Stop blaming society, it’s your own damn fault you choose to read my articles


Nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore: if you earn 30% less than men, it’s the patriarchy’s fault; if you get arrested in Egypt, it’s the Egyptian government’s fault; if you read my articles, it’s your Facebook friends’ fault.

No, it’s your own damn fault.

If you point out these truths – as only I am courageous enough to do – you will inevitably be accused of that very modern crime known as victim blaming. But what if the victim deserves to be blamed? What if the ‘victim’ isn’t really a victim?

Take the people who are upset that they read my articles for example. They often blame it on the culture of sharing. “It was on Facebook, I had to click it,” they say. They had no choice but to read my latest thoughts on frivolous arts degrees. But didn’t they have a choice?

Our society has become so afraid of victim blaming that it is all but allergic to common sense. If you don’t want to be racially abused, don’t go to a KKK rally. I’m not saying it’s your fault if you do – but maybe you just shouldn’t have gone in the first place. People are so busy agitating about root causes – the culture of prejudice, the culture of anything and everything – that they’ve forgotten to simply use logic.

So here’s some common sense advice for people who don’t want to read my next article or help me earn a comfortable living:

When you see it on Facebook or Twitter, don’t click on the link.