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Man accidentally makes eye contact on subway

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MONTREAL – During a routine commute, Montreal Metro patron Josh Ditton accidentally made eye contact with another commuter in an event the 32 year old office assistant described as “very awkward.”

“I looked to the ground as fast as I could,” Ditton said. “But the damage was done.”

Still feeling awkward from the moment of human contact, Ditton proceeded to pretend as if the stare was no big deal. He whistled a bit and inspected the subway route maps and ads on the train walls.

When this failed to decrease his anxiety, Ditton decided to look back at the floor.

“But on the way down my eyes met the guy again! It was so embarrassing.”

Ditton left the subway soon after, and proceeded to walk to work. The early departure made him twenty minutes late, earning him a lecture from his manager. Despite this, Ditton insists that he made the right choice.

“I had to get out of there,” Ditton told reporters. “Who knows what could’ve happened if I stayed.”