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Opinion: Why do we need a cure for diabetes when I don’t have it?

Brandon, Manitoba – Millions of Canadians live with diabetes, and the Government of Canada has spent billions on diabetes research and treatment. But here’s what I don’t understand: Why do we need a cure for diabetes when I don’t have it?

I have worked hard to be part of an ethnic group and socioeconomic class with a lower predisposition to diabetes, and I inherited no genetic history of diabetes from my parents. Thanks to my efforts, my blood sugar sits in the perfectly healthy range below 100 mg/dL, so I don’t see what good a cure would do. There is literally no way I could have less diabetes than I do right now.

I get why we need a cure for bunions, because I have so many bunions it’s impossible to count them all. I understand why we need a cure for jock itch, because my groin is absolutely on fire. I also know why we need a cure for erectile dysfunction, because I have a friend who suffers and it makes me, I mean him, really sad. But curing diabetes? What good would that do for me personally?

In a way, I cured my own diabetes naturally, by not having it in the first place. How is curing diabetes fair to people like me, who put in the time and effort to produce and utilize our own insulin? Maybe instead of hoping for a cure, people with diabetes should have considered an alternate lifestyle, such as not having diabetes. 

Furthermore, did you know that people with diabetes include Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Sonia Sotomayor? A cure would be just another handout to those elites, while regular folk like you and me get absolutely nothing, as usual.

First, they tried to solve the housing crisis even though I already have a really nice house. Then they wanted to forgive student loans even though I don’t have any. Now they need a cure for diabetes. What’s next? Helping the children, even though I am an adult?

Maybe this will change in the future. There was once a time when we didn’t need a cure for nail fungus, but then I got nail fungus and it smells really bad. Right now, however, I just don’t see why diabetes is a priority. Why are we spending so many taxpayer dollars to cure a disease that I don’t have?