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Green Party stuck in a slow motion electric vehicle pile-up

SAANICH, BC – Dozens of bystanders watched in mild amusement as the Green Party leadership was trapped in a slow motion electric car pile-up.

Highway 17 was at a standstill while Green political figures slowly collided with each in an ecologically sustainable fashion.

“Get out of the way!” screamed former Green Party leader Elizabeth May from her Nissan Leaf which slammed into outgoing leader Annamie Paul’s Tesla in super slow motion.

Profanities and hand gestures were exchanged while others joined in both the physical and metaphorical implosion of their movement.

Riding his one-speed portable bike, former Green Party Leader Jim Harris t-boned Paul’s car which catapulted Harris over the hood before he got back up and did it a second time.

Officials from the party that received less than 3% of the popular vote in the 2021 federal election reassured that their party’s infighting did not have a carbon footprint.

Insiders expressed worry that the fallout from the poor election results and resignation of their leader could divide the party’s tens of supporters.