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Key habit of successful people found to be plenty of free time to pursue goals

TORONTO – A recent study of the 1% has determined that the key habit of successful people is plenty of free time to pursue their goals. 

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto. When trying to uncover the key habit for success, researchers ruled out traits like diligence, passion, and resilience as those traits were found to be more prevalent in unsuccessful people. 

“Unsuccessful people sink too much of their time into commuting, child care, house work, and multiple part-time jobs. They also spend their self-identified free time eating meals, sleeping or on personal grooming activities like showering,” explained researcher, Dr. Gupta Sanga. “They don’t create the time to follow their passions and turn them into viable businesses.”

“I never really understood why people get jobs where they don’t work for their parents. That way you can pretty much take time off whenever or just not show up so you’ve got lots of free time to pursue your passion projects,” said study participant, Ian Winterbottom of Oakville. “I’ve also known a lot of successful people who use their parents as seed investors, so that’s a viable alternative for people whose parents don’t own a company.”

Included in the study were famous successful people like Donald Trump. Their success came down to the fact that all their free time could be devoted to starting businesses until one of them took off.

“Trump was able to open and bankrupt a casino and a university, two historically profitable businesses, and still found the time to open up more businesses,” said Dr. Sanga. “If you want to be successful, unlimited monetary resources contribute significantly to having plenty of free time.”

Follow-up studies are underway to determine how behind the average millennial is in every area of their life and how many years of unemployment are needed to qualify as a life coach.