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Local woman doesn’t want to be that annoying vegan stereotype so she just eats meat

– Local blogger, Elspeth Sosa, who has been for 9 years, insists she doesn’t want to be that annoying vegan stereotype, so she just eats along with dairy products and eggs.

“It started my first year as a vegan”, Sosa claimed while offering a charcuterie board full of sausages that she had to travel to four different special grocery stores to obtain.

“I was at a barbecue and they didn’t have any veggie burgers. One guy asked if I was gonna be one of those annoying vegans shaming meat-eaters and spewing facts about the harsh life of animals in the meat industry and the thought horrified me. So I pretended I was kidding and ate five beef burgers.”

Sosa has been so under the wraps about her dietary restrictions, her husband of 5 years, Rowan Sosa, claims he didn’t even know she was vegan. “I just found out. I’ve been making her all kinds of meals and she just eats them without saying anything. I asked why and she said ‘you work so hard and I don’t want to ruin your good time.’ I mean, it’s sweet but who did this to her?”

Sosa’s best friend of 15 years, Nieve Langley, did know she was vegan and has supported her from the start. “She’s the only vegan I know who finished the Big Texan 72 pound steak at the Roadhouse Texan Diner,” Langley told us. “She cried afterward but everyone gave her high fives so I think she was happy.”

Other ways that Sosa has chosen not to be annoying is by buying a sleek pair of leather boots and wearing them constantly because the salesman was insistent and she didn’t want to make him sad.

“I hate meat, and I think I’m lactose intolerant”, Sosa went on to say while finishing up a bacon, beef and cheddar Arbys sandwich. “I also just found out I have a bad allergy to peaches but my husband loves them, so whenever he has one in the house, I just visit the emergency room quickly before work and I‘m fine. Don’t want to be that annoying allergy girl.”