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Group interview takes turn when interviewer places single knife on table

BARRIE, ON – Amanda Torres remembers thinking her group for a position at Jenny’s Diner was going well – until her interviewer pulled a carving out of her bag.

“The manager asked about job , gave a few of some hypothetical situations, the usual,” Torres later recounted. “We even played a few icebreaker games to make everyone comfortable.”

Unfortunately, the friendly atmosphere disappeared when the hiring manager, Kelly Nehaan, brought out her Wüsthof Classic, placed it on the table in full view of all the applicants, and asked, “Who wants it?”

She then got up, walked out of the room, and locked the door behind her.

“We all looked at each other, thinking it might be some kind of joke,” said Torres. “After a couple of hours, we realized that wasn’t the case.”

Ryan Fleckton has been a prep cook at Jenny’s for just over a year. On the day of the interview, he was halfway through his shift when he heard screams coming from the break room. “These were sounds, very primal,” Fleckton told the . “I heard a lot of bangs, thumps, and then – nothing.”

Torres was the only individual to emerge from the room a harrowing five hours after the interview originally began. Nehaan unlocked the door when the ruckus had quieted down and promptly offered her the position of hostess. When asked for a comment, Torres simply said, “I did what I had to do.”

However, when she later discovered that she would not be eligible for , Torres quit on the spot, reportedly saying, “I have my dignity.”