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Woman’s opinion about to get some really good traction after this guy says it

VANCOUVER – Local copywriter Robert Strong just made a huge contribution to the by repeating a brilliant observation made by the only other woman in the group earlier when no one was listening.

“I truly don’t know where it came from,” continued Robert. “I was hanging on every word Kyle was saying then that new girl in the meeting started talking and I sort of lost focus. Suddenly, as if someone had said the idea right at me, I said it out loud and everyone was on board!”

Kyle, one of the other in the meeting, claimed that when Cindy said the idea it was fine but when Robert said it in a much deeper, confident way it just made much more sense. “Robert’s got the chops alright, and with an idea like that, I think he’s up for promotion,” continued Kyle.

Cindy Lee, who in fact has been working for the company for 5 years, had the opinion that was repeated by Robert. She reported she was just happy that the opinion was eventually heard and will be incorporated forward. “I am used to having people steal my opinions, I am just glad that-” Robert then came back into our interview to confirm that, “Women get interrupted all the time and it’s a problem we have to be more aware of moving forward.”

After thinking on his observation that women get interrupted all the time, Robert has announced a follow-up meeting to discuss how better to include women in their . Cindy Lee has not yet been invited.