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5 Father’s Day gifts that will almost make up for not going to law school

Father’s Day is almost here and, if you’re like me, you haven’t gotten your dad anything, let alone anything that will finally get him to forgive you for not going to ! While nothing will ever repair the permanent damage that choice did to your relationship, here are 5 fun last-minute gifts to give your dad in the vain hope that one day he’ll look at you like used to.

1. Masterclass Gift Card

Dads LOVE learning new things. And what better way to learn a new skill than by watching celebrities begrudgingly talk about how they mastered their talent, in exchange for what we can only assume was an RV full of cash? Plus, if your dad watches the Steve Martin or Judd Apatow ones, maybe he’ll finally understand why you had to miss the LSAT in order to go to that improv tournament in Windsor.

2. Fancy Shaving Kit

Remember when your dad taught you how to shave, back in the days before he introduced you to people as ‘my son the unemployed artist?’ Well now you can come full circle by getting him a fancy shaving kit with razor, brush, foam and aftershave. All for a price even someone who didn’t clerk with your dad’s friend Walter can afford.

3. Smartwatch

Even for a technologically challenged father Smartwatches are easy to use and great for sending emails or keeping track of exercise. Your dad will be shocked how many calories he burns pacing back and forth as he wonders where he went wrong with you!

4. Monogrammed Wallet

Personal AND Classy. This is the gift that says ‘hey, you’re my dad but you’re still a cool guy. Also do you mind lending me some money for rent this month? All my gigs fell through and I could really use the help.”

5. The Truth

It’s time to stand up and tell you dad that law just wasn’t right for you. Sure there are times when you envy the security it would have provided, and wonder what the path not chosen looks like. But you’re chasing your dream and being true to yourself. And if that isn’t ok with him, well then maybe this is the last father’s day gift he’s going to get from you for a while dog damnit!

And when that pisses him off and he threatens to cut you out of the will you can pull out a chilled beer mug and apologize profusely for being such a disappointment.