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Podcaster Don Cherry’s attempt to read MeUndies ad quickly goes off the rails

Mississauga, ON – In the midst of recording a new episode of his ‘Grapevine’ host ’s attempt to read aloud an for online underwear vendor took a strange, though unsurprising, turn.

“This episode of Grapevine is brought to you by MeUndies,” began . “The underwear with micro, micro, micro-mcdonald fibre, whatever it is. The fabric is two times softer than… and look I know fabric you know? I know a thing or two about fabric. Back when I was coaching I micromcdonalded the whole offence and if it wasn’t for that damn offsides call we would have won the whole shebang you know?”

“You people you come to this podcast, you come for our milk and honey or whatever. Least you can do is pay a couple of bucks for some MeUndies,” he added.

Cherry’s co-host and son Tim attempted to steer Cherry back to the scripted MeUndies Ad he had in front of him, but to no avail. Cherry spent 30 minutes “endorsing” MeUndies while rambling about numerous subjects, including the recent , the new Cats trailer, his favourite flavour of ice cream, whether Disney+ is worth the money, why the Chinese head tax should be brought back, and if the word is pronounced with a hard G or a soft G.

“MeUndies, they’re a beauty!” Cherry finally concluded before giving a thumps up that none of his listeners could see and immediately falling asleep in his armchair.

After Tim woke him Cherry attempted to do an ad for Stamps.com that resulted in him claiming the moon landing was faked.