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Top 5 Halloween costumes that are just the Joker you unimaginative white man

As the season approaches many people spend weeks looking for imaginative, unexpected costumes. Others do not. Beavefeed is here for all those men who will watch ’s version of the from “Joker” this weekend and be like, “Huh, that works for me” Here are the top five Halloween costumes that are just The Joker!

1. THE JOKER from “The Dark Knight”
The Heath Ledger version of The Joker has been a Halloween costume mainstay since photos were leaked from the set of “The Dark Knight”, in 2008. If you’re a guy who wears flip flops in and hates “the man” and also quite frankly also hates “the woman”, then this is the costume for you. Plus it gives you an excuse to say “why so serious?” to women instead of “you should smile”.

2. THE JOKER from “Joker”
Out of all the Jokers you’ll see this Halloween this will be the most relevant, but be honest with yourself, is being a character that was created in the 1940’s ever relevant? Also, judging from the trailer, Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t have his shirt on in most scenes, so you can save by being shirtless. Because that’s what everyone wants to see walking around Halloween night; a man who’s really into The Joker, shirtless.

3. THE JOKER from “
This Joker is definitely more of a commitment than the modern looking Joker, makeup wise. Plus Tim Burton’s Batman was almost thirty years ago, so this Joker can be considered vintage; a tidbit of information, if you choose this costume, I am sure you will share with everyone and everything you come into contact with that night. This costume also lends itself to you debating with people that ’s Joker was the best Joker; but hey, it’s your word against people who do not want to enter this debate with you.

4. THE JOKER from “Suicide Squad”
Truly the worst of the Jokers. I’m also assuming if you spend the money, time and brain space in bringing back Jared Leto’s incarnation of the Joker, then I have a sinking feeling you’re going to want to let everyone know he was in character the entire night, and a part of your costume is carrying around a box with a used condom in it. Don’t understand the reference? GOOD.

5. THE JOKER from “Gotham”
Oh my god, do you really need that much “Batman” content that you have resorted to watching the FOX show, “Gotham”? If you really need it this badly, then please go out on Halloween as The Joker. You have my permission. And hey, if you get laid that night, NEVER LET THAT PERSON GO.