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Friend promises TV show is really good once you get past the first three seasons

KITCHENER, ON – Local friend Nadia Ramirez insists her favourite TV show gets really good after you suffer through the first three seasons, and also most of season 5.

Ramirez has reportedly not shut up about ’s prestige drama Dead Wife since she binged it in 2018. But sources indicate it was only after Ramirez’s friends had watched most of season one and were thinking about giving up on series that she admitted the first season is kind of shit, and also the second one and the third one.

“It really gets going in season four.” Ramirez reassured her friends. “You can actually just skip season two, except for episode seven because that part is really important for the season six finale.”

“The fourth season is a really compelling ten hours of tv, aside from the way it glorifies toxic masculinity” Ramirez insisted, adding “Although that is the season it gets especially rapey. But to be fair, it was made in 2015, so it’s actually pretty good for the time”.

Ramirez admits she doesn’t love that all of the show’s executive producers are white guys named David, and wishes the only person of colour on the show wasn’t a wise old gardener who gives sage advice to the lead before getting killed off, but she insists the cinematography is breathtaking.

“I don’t think she knows that there are TV shows you can actually enjoy all of”, said Ramirez’ friend Miranda Lee. “She watched Lost to the bitter end. She’s still watching The Walking Dead.”

At press time, Ramirez cancelled her friend’s bachelor party because she was almost done season three of .