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Finally Achieve a Work-Life Balance by Cutting Jessica Out of Your Life

Juggling your career and your personal life is no easy feat; with family, friends, and work obligations pulling you in a hundred different directions, it’s close to impossible to secure a healthy balance. In this article we will detail how to finally make it all work by simply severing your relationship with .

According to a recent Stats Can report, approximately 65% of your time is consumed by, you guessed it, Jessica, your co-dependent friend from college who demands your attendance at every party and your attention for every emotional impulse she feels warrants a 2 hour phone call. This shocking percentage, when you really think about it, comes as no surprise, as Jessica often invites herself to sleepover, shows up at your office in the middle of the day, and dated your brother for a few months that one summer.

For years, time management experts have recommended such fruitless exercises as meditation, task apps, and healthy eating and exercise as a means to achieve a work-life balance but authorities on the subject now can confirm that getting rid of Jessica has been the answer all along.

Of course, cutting her off cold turkey won’t be easy but the effects will be almost immediate. Without Jessica insisting you go for drinks every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and forcing you to book that expensive trip to Vegas, you’ll finally be able to reply to that email your aunt sent you, or take up that macrame project you’ve always wanted to do.

“I cut Jessica out my life and I started my own business,” stated one survivor who is now doing better than ever professionally while still making the time to attend her sons piano recitals.

In order to properly cut Jessica off, you’ll have to be firm and almost militant in your eviction of her from your life. It will likely require changing your phone number, address, and possibly even your hair colour. But don’t let these extreme measures deter you, eliminating Jessica and her iron-fisted dominion of your time will be well worth it.

Of course, relapsing is a natural part of the process so don’t get down on yourself but once you’re back in recovery the next time she begs and pleads for a girls night out at TGI Fridays you must answer with a cold and calculated, “never again, Jessica.”

By excising the time-hungry parasite that is Jessica, you’ll feel lighter, significantly less stressed, and just simply relieved. However, cutting her off won’t come without casualty, by removing her from your life you will ultimately be complicit in her taking over Emily’s. Sorry Emily.