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Baby celebrating first birthday just happy so many shapes could make it

MAGOG, QC – One-year-old Grayson Bellesmare announced today via a series of shrieks and babbles his delight that so many different shapes of various colours were able to make it out to his first birthday party.

“When live this far from the city, you never know if your birthday will be bland and grey,” stated Grayson’s mother Melissa on behalf of her son after listening to him blow saliva bubbles and interpreting their meaning. “Luckily though a lot of our family and made the trip so that Grayson could enjoy all their different sizes of hairstyle and unique smells.”

Young Bellesmare reported particular satisfaction with some very shiny wrapping paper that was removed from a gift in front of him by one of the less familiar shapes who had also wrapped the gift in the first place. He was also described as very satisfied at the variety of textures of things put within his reach.

Contrary to the hopes of many in attendance, the one year old failed to stay still for photos, be excited about lit candles, react amusingly to his first taste of icing sugar or give people high fives like he’d been taught, though he is assumed to have appreciated the jokes on several of his birthday cards.

After seeing Grayson acknowledge the presence of another baby-shaped thing of similar size and demeanour without crying or screaming, many guests concluded that the two were probably best friends. 

“This is the warmest and most generous combination of sensory inputs a developing human could ever hope to ask for, especially that one with the dangly earrings,” the birthday boy is assumed to have meant after exclaiming “Thurb!”

Grayson is reported to have liked all his presents, particularly the gift certificate to Baby Gap, which appears to have been delicious.

Image via Pixabay