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7 easy life hacks to gain unauthorized access to computer systems by exploiting security weaknesses!

Your life is jam-packed with time consuming busyness, so it’s nice to know there are ways to make things a little more simple and efficient. Whether you’re at home or at work, there are always ways to make things less of a pain. That’s where we come in! Here are seven easy to gain unauthorized access to protected computer systems by exploiting security weakness!

1) Guess who?!
Need that attachment for work and your work colleague keeps forgetting to send it? Instead of pulling your hair out waiting for them to get back to you, why not life-hack into their email by guessing the answers to their security questions? With a little research you can discover their mother’s maiden name, their favourite movie and even the street they grew up on. It couldn’t be simpler!

2) Go phishing!
Bank account running a little dry? Why not get your feet wet with a phishing trip? Send out hundreds of emails imitating major banks or insurance corporations. Just prank people into thinking they need to update their information and they’ll send you credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, and more! Want to maximize your success rate? Send these emails to senior citizens! Jokes on them, they just got life hacked!

3) Pick up broken glass with bread!
Dropped a glass on the floor? Don’t fret, just pick it up the pieces with a slice of bread! Then use it to threaten your next target: if they don’t give you full access to their computer files, they’ll get a big serving of organic whole wheat with a side of glass shards. Chew on that!

4) Why not a DDoS attack?!
You’ll have to call in a few friends to help with this one! Pool your resources and launch a Distributed Denial of Service attack! You can make an online service unavailable to its intended users by flooding its servers with countless false requests, thereby overloading its systems and preventing legitimate requests from getting through. Teamwork makes the dream work!

5) Waste not want not!
Want to take a break from screen time? Get outside and look through your neighbours’ trash for bank statements, tax documents, or maybe credit card bills! And here’s a hint: while shredded documents take time to reassemble, it’s virtually guaranteed they’re going to have some useful information. Time to break out the craft glue, and maybe even some sparkles!

6) Get inspired by Greek !
Sometimes the things around you serve secret functions that you never would have expected! Dryer sheets can be used as air fresheners, muffin tins can be used to serve condiments, and email attachments can be used to conceal software that locks a computer until the desperate user sends you bitcoin, just like the story of Odysseus and the Trojan Horse!

7) Put a lemon in your microwave!
No matter how hard you try, things always get dirty. Sometimes the solution is in your fridge! Place a lemon in your microwave along with any legally compromising hard drives and set the microwave on high for three minutes. The data will be destroyed and the lemon juice will make it easy for you to scrub clean any marks left by sparking disks!

Do you know any great life hacks that we missed? Send them our way, along with the PIN to your bank card to verify your identity!