Yellow vests in Canada: ‘We’re not racist if you ignore the things we say and do’ - The Beaverton

Yellow vests in Canada: ‘We’re not racist if you ignore the things we say and do’

EDMONTON – Setting the record straight, members of the populist yellow vest movement are claiming that they are tolerant and respectful if you ignore what they have been saying and doing.

“There are a few hundred-thousand bad apples who are demanding an end to immigration or peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, but that shouldn’t discredit the movement,” said one organizer. “We’re sure to recruit more and more Canadians so long as our message is not heard or seen.”

Members of the political movement say that they welcome diverse viewpoints to their cause whether it’s hating the government for being “pro-terrorist” or hating the government because its not shooting asylum seekers at the border, but many insist the movement is not bigoted if you’re not paying attention.

“We took this idea from the French yellow vests,” said one protester holding a sign that berated the French for being socialist wasting taxpayers dollars.

Supporters say that the xenophobic remarks they say has been taken out-of-context by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media. The UN was also thought to be responsible for placing hate groups such as Soldiers of Odin into their demonstrations.

One upset demonstrator explained: “I don’t understand why people aren’t getting the message about the need to build a pipeline and to kill the proposed carbon tax when my sign clearly states ‘the muslims are invading Canada, hang Trudeau for treason.’ Can I be any more obvious?”