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New homestyle restaurant just Lean Cuisines from the 90’s

TORONTO – A new restaurant in Toronto’s hip , Microwave Loven, seeks to replicate home made, traditional comfort food from people’s childhood by mainly serving microwaveable meals from the 1990’s.

“I was scared that with all the trends of slow cooking and farm to table that we were losing our culture,” said patron Joshua Denver “ but it’s good to see a restaurant keeping traditions alive.”

“I never realized how nostalgic I was for freezer burn,” added Denver.

The menu consists of classics such as chicken alfredo and 5 cheese lasagna as well as more experimental fair including asian style stir fry. All the food is prepared in the traditional way of being scalding hot in certain parts and still frozen in others. The only condiments provided are ketchup or kraft powdered parmesan cheese from a plastic shaker.

Reviews have been glowing, ranging from “subtle notes of sodium, and more sodium” to “excellent pairing of pesto and Sunny D” to “surprisingly slow service for a restaurant only microwaves food”.

One patron, standing in the lineup which stretches around the block, enthused, “Everything about this restaurant reminds me of the meals mom used to leave in the freezer for me. From the raw Mr. Noodle appetizers, to the reruns of Full House with commercials that I can’t skip. Brilliant.”

“Food is an important part of culture, it connects us to our roots.” Stated head chef Danielle Briggs “and we wanted to appeal to patrons with a fusion of traditional, factory-to-table meal preparation.”

“We’ve even locally sourced Red Dye 2,” Briggs added. “People just don’t make food like this anymore, because they legally can’t.”

At press time, Microwave Loven has been temporarily shut down for health violation after failing to pull up the corners of the film covering the food.

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