Maclean's doing their best to one-up that time they said Canadian universities were "Too Asian" - The Beaverton

Maclean’s doing their best to one-up that time they said Canadian universities were “Too Asian”

TORONTO – Canadian news magazine Maclean’s has announced that their current cover, which features five white male conservative politicians unironically labelled as “The resistance,” was an attempt to surpass the level of tone-deafness the magazine previously achieved in 2010 when they declared that some Canadian universities were “Too Asian.” Pundits remain undecided on whether or not the monthly publication was able to best their previous achievement in editorial idiocy.

“It’s been far too long since this noble Canadian institution has done something fully batshit insane,” stated Alison Uncles, editor-in-chief. “I know it’s not quite the same as giving a platform to people who want to see our universities racially purified, but we’re still hoping that by appropriating a term currently used to describe disenfranchised communities trying to fight for their survival and instead applying that term to a bunch of powerful politicians who are doing their best to make the world burn, we can once again really show people how out of touch Maclean’s truly is.”

The new cover shows three Premiers and two party leaders, grouped together by the uniting qualities of being powerful white male conservative leaders who want people to be able to pump as much carbon into the atmosphere as they want, and also somehow the notion that they can be categorized with the same label that is traditionally reserved for downtrodden people speaking truth to power.

“Maclean’s is a national leader in not getting it,” explained media critic Dylan White. “When people got upset about the ‘Too Asian’ headline, the way they decided to fix it was to add a question mark. It really is something to see them reaching for that once again.”

The magazine’s previous unsuccessful attempt to outdo their “Too Asian” moment happened when the editor-in-chief offered to donate her own money toward an “Appropriation Prize,” but that particular attempt failed to resonate since so many other Canadian editors did the exact same thing.

“I’ll admit that I’m worried we didn’t go far enough this time, since this cover hardly merits an apology,” Uncles revealed, “But then again we never apologized for the ‘Too Asian’ thing either, so who knows?”

Image via Maclean’s