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Gender-affirming surgery “not what God intended,” says woman with breast implants

WATERLOO, ON –   A local woman has come out firmly against the use of gender-affirming surgery, calling on transgender people to ‘love your body the way God made it,’ even though she is a frequent client of several plastic surgery clinics.

Mary Lawson, 47, who describes herself as ‘qualified to have her own opinion’, has brushed off criticisms that she was not born blonde, and had recently purchased Angelina Jolie’s lips, citing a heartfelt and adamant faith-based her stance on “gender switching.”

“God made us all the way we are. You can’t make corrections to His almighty plan,” says Lawson, who has received six different surgeries with her current clinic, including breast implants, hair removal, liposuction, bigger breast implants, rhinoplasty and a procedure called ‘labial puffing.’

This month, Lawson intends to undergo surgery for third implant adjustment and accompanying lower back surgery, to compensate for her body’s inability to support the weight now burdened upon her chest. “I just feel like this is how I was supposed to be. It’s how I’ve always been inside”.

Lawson’s husband, supports his wife perspective. “Look, all these people taking hormones are fighting against what’s natural. I just can’t understand it,” he said, adding that it’s “entirely different” to pay for his wife’s elective surgery, add to his collection of expensive toupees, and continue use Viagra.

It is her hope that the Ontario PC government will eliminate programs intended for medically necessary gender affirming surgery and lower taxes instead. If cuts do occur, she will “finally” have the funds to make regular visits to the tanning salon, as her cosmetologist recommends.

At press time, Lawson was preparing to reintroduce herself to her family, who no longer recognizes her, with the hopes that they would accept her as she truly is.

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