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Canadians thankful they can’t name single Canadian Supreme Court Justice

OTTAWA – As Canadian families from coast-to-coast gathered together for thanksgiving, the vast majority took time to be grateful for the fact they never have, nor likely would, ever know the name of even one of the justices of the highest court in the nation.

“I’m grateful for mommy, and daddy, and my brother Brian,” said little Susie Cole of Regina. “And for the fact that no member of the Canadian Supreme Court did something so terrible that their name is burned into memory forever.”

“Oh and I’m also grateful for my dog, Alfie, and for a woman’s right to choose,” she added.

This year especially, many Canadians were happy their court was quietly and deliberately applying the constitution, rather than say, allowing corporations to put unlimited money into political campaigns and accusing sexual assault victims of being a conspiracy organized by the Clintons.

“I think the last time I thought about the Supreme Court was when they struck down that Alberta law banning gay marriage. That was pretty cool,” said Harold Thompson of Moncton.

Others, however, insisted they actually could name a Supreme Court justice.

“I’m a huge fan of Beverly McLachlin,” said law student Tiffany Cohen, in reference to the Chief Justice that retired two years ago.

At press time 10% of the people reading this article were shocked to discover Canada also has a Supreme Court.

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