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Majority of Americans support sending Trump on Mars mission

WASHINGTON – A recent Rasmussen poll on the US Administration’s plan for further space exploration has shown that 84% of Americans support sending President Donald Trump on a one-way mission to Mars.

While both costly and dangerous, those polled insisted that sending the 45th US President into deep space is necessary for the advancement of all humankind.

“If NASA has a few space shuttles available, we should start this mission right now,” said Shelby Crothers of Alexandria, Virginia who participated in the study.

81% of Americans thought that any training and preparation can be skipped as his prompt departure from the surly bonds of earth would benefit international relations. 95% felt that the entire US cabinet should be added as the payload to any long-term space flight.

Three-quarters of Americans support the creation of a Space Force so long as it has the explicit mission to launch members of Congress into the deep oblivion for the purposes of defending American interests in the nearest asteroid belt.

When asked about how excited he was with the prospect of sending an unpopular political leader to Mars, Herb Rodrigo of San Antonio said “Trump can boldly collude where no one has colluded before.”