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Local consultant not sure what he does, either

– Eight months after starting at his , local Keith Calderon still has difficulty explaining what it is that he actually does for a living.

“What does consultant mean?” said Calderon. “Well, I meet with clients, and then, well, you know, we help them, uh, leverage, and. . . ”

Calderon then trailed off into eight minutes of silence.

Sources inside of Calderon’s office came closest to describing what it is they do in a given day by using phrases like ‘coordinating’, and ‘collaborating’, but haven’t really been able to point to any actual productive labour that results from their existence.

“Hmm . . .  We don’t really produce goods or services, do we?” said Calderon’s supervisor, Dale. “I guess mostly we sell the expertise of 23-year-olds we hire straight out of .”

Although everyone in the firm does possess a university degree, nobody really seems to understand what sort of thing they could have been studying that didn’t count as either an art or a science.

At press time, Calderon was making much, much more than you.