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After-work nap turns into full night’s sleep

, NB — Arising from a particularly restful , Terry Roman discovered that her after-work doze turned out to be a full blown night’s sleep.

“It’s just so unbelievable,” claimed an uncommonly-refreshed Roman, 39 “After work I was about to head to my brother-in-law’s birthday , which I was pretty okay about attending. I thought I’d take a quick cat nap for a recharge. Well, when I arose at 7am, I guess it was safe to say I wasn’t going to be making the bbq”.

While this was a first for Terry, many “nine -to-fivers” find themselves tucking in for a thirty-minute nap, only to awaken eight hours later. While some are disappointed to “miss out” on their evening, statistics show a high probability that they were never going to make it out of the house to begin with.

“Our society is overworked,” explains sociologist Derek Duggan. “As a result, a phenomena occurs where instead of telling people you need time for oneself, the body goes into a forced mini-hibernation, to protect itself from social interactions.” Duggan added, “A simple two-minute phone conversation could stop this from happening, but that’s something humans are evolving out of doing”.

Whatever the reason, Terry Roman and others like her report feeling grateful for the night’s rest, and simultaneously disoriented. “The last thing I remember was texting my sister, ‘see you in a hour’. Next thing I know I’m feeling better than I have in years. Then, feeling immediate guilt for flaking on plans.”

While Roman will have to deal with guilt, what she doesn’t have to deal with is loss of sleep. Others who face similar situations in sleeping their evenings and nights away, were suggested to set an alarm. This suggestion was met with the response, “don’t ruin this for me”.

At press time, Terry has yet to confirm if she will “accidentally” nap through this weekend’s dinner party with friends.