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Stoned Canadians pretty sure government legalized pot last year

GUELPH, ON – Upon being advised that the Senate had finally voted to legalize marijuana a large and lethargic group of Canadians reported confusion, as they were fairly confident that happened sometime in 2017.

“Why are we watching something that, like, already happened,” said a red-eyed Tyler O’Sullivan watching CPAC as the Senate passed the legislation. “What is this channel anyway?”

Other pot-smokers reported that they were certain the prohibition of recreational cannabis was lifted immediately after what’s-his-face lost the election and the other guy won.

“Nah, pot has been legal since…,” said an easily distracted Amy Behroze who didn’t finish her sentence.

Many claimed that the lack of police enforcement is a clear illustration that legislation has been long passed and lawful citizens are free to toke wherever they deem fit.

“I smoke weed in the park, in front of children, at concerts, in public washrooms…but no one has arrested me yet,” said Peter Belsinger, who is white. “Seems pretty legal to me.”

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