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Old guy in hostel wants to know what you’re up to tonight

– Sources inside Sr. Toby’s have advised that Petrov, the white haired man who has been hanging out in the common area every time you’ve been it, would like to know what your plans are this fine evening.

“You and your friends gonna hit the bars, maybe try some Absinthe?” inquired the man wearing cargo shorts and hiking boots.

“I actually know this great Bohemian crepe place just around the corner,” he added after you didn’t say anything.

There was no clear indication why Petrov chose to inquire about your status as you microwaved your cup of noodles with your back to him. But a quick glance over your shoulder confirmed he was in fact speaking to you.

“Oh, uhhh, maybe just take a walk, get a feel for the city,” you said as you started to edge towards the door.

Undaunted Petrov continued talking, regaling you with stories from his lifetime of , including how the hostel you were both in used to be much nicer, all while slowly eating an apple. His continued mentions that he was free tonight did not go unnoticed.

At press time you just had the best night of your life and Petrov is fucking awesome.