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6 Life Hacks that are just paying someone else to do it for you

Modern life can be so hectic, it seems like there is never enough time to get things done. To help out we’ve put together this super helpful list of sneaky tricks to maximize your time and minimize your pay cheque.

1. Deliciously Easy Meals

A tasty home cooked meal with NO dishes. Everybody wants a home cooked meal but nobody wants to do the hard work. One sneaky hack is to get someone else to make the meal in their home. Of course a normal home won’t sell you dinner but their are special homes that exist only to cook meals for sale. Just go to one of these homes, or ‘restaurants’, and pay to eat one of their home cooked meals. You’ll have to have this thing called money but it’s available in most larger city and comes in a bunch of fun colours! Even better they will do the dishes for no extra fee!!

2. Bread made easy

Here’s a secret tip for saving time! Buy pre made bread instead of growing your own yeast, milling your own grain, and baking your own bread.

3. Clean while you work

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could clean your house while you were at work? Well now there’s a way! While you are at your 9 to 5 use an extra body, or employee, to clean your home. And the best thing is you can make that extra body, or employee, do it by simply giving them money in exchange for their labour.

4. Movie Magic

No one has ever thought of his before but don’t make your own television and movies! Pay someone else to do it. To make it EVEN cheaper go dutch with a few million other people and a movie will only cost about $13 (of money, see how useful it is) each.

5. Sure Beats Walking

Believe it or not those cars don’t just have taxi written on them for decoration! You probably always wondered why all those cars have the word ‘TAXI’ or ‘CAB’ painted on them. It’s actually to indicate that they are willing to drive you to a different location. All they want in return is money, and a little kindness, but mainly just money.

6. No you can’t handle the truth

After you’ve gone bankrupt, as we all do from life hacks, don’t defend yourself in bankruptcy court, hire a lawyer to do it for you!