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Clint Eastwood’s latest film just 2 hours of an American flag blowing in the wind

LOS ANGELES – Critics are raving after an early screening of ’s latest “Flag”, 120 minutes of the stars and stripes bravely and proudly blowing in the .

“It was a masterpiece” stated Peter Travers of Rolling Stone. “It has all the subtlety and self awareness we have come to expect from late era Clint Eastwood. Also America is good.”

“I was especially impressed that he cast a flag that had served in Iraq, continuing his practice of working with non professional actors.”

Critics praised the soundtrack that consisted of Eastwood singing the Star Spangled Banner in 4 different keys and 8 different tempos. However some criticized the performance by the first time actor, noting that it looked like it would have benefited from a few more takes, a claim Eastwood vehemently denied.

“I don’t care if it’s the symbol of our great nation.” grunted Eastwood. “I only do one or two takes, I’m not wasting time.”

“This film tackles many complex themes such as America, Americans and the US of A” said Warner Bros president Toby Emmerich. “We originally thought that the flag would be computer generated but Clint wanted it to be 100% practical, he’s old like that.”

The film was honored with National Film Critics Association “Still not as problematic as whatever Woody Allen is doing” award.