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PC culture run amok! This high school had to change their mascot from a smallpox blanket

The latest attack from social justice warriors isn’t on one of our beloved prime ministers but rather something completely innocuous, Lakeside High’s beloved mascot Poxy the Smallpox Blanket.

School administrators have been completely blindsided by the outrage over their mascot. “It was never our intention to hurt anyone’s feelings by having the whole school cheer as a giant smallpox blanket break danced” said school principal Katie Kecks. “We are sorry they were offended.”

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media has already used the event to start two different fundraising drives. 80% of the proceeds will go to Rebel Media.

“I don’t associate the blanket with genocide.” said Michael Jacobs, Lakeside High class of 1992. “I think of scoring 3 touchdowns against our arch rivals Riverview. And I don’t see why my association should carry any less weight than a descendent of someone who was killed because of biological warfare.”

The school administrator has said that they were working hard to reach a compromise where they don’t have to change anything but people stopped being mad at them. So far they have issued several vague statements, using the term cultural understanding 300 times.

“I just like it when he jumps around” said Lakeside math teacher Geoffrey Blanks. “Besides the one First Nation student we had didn’t complain.”

“If we change this what’s next?” Asked Kecks. “Changing the name of CFL teams from racial slurs?”

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