Rogue cop bucks system by going to jail after shooting teen - The Beaverton

Rogue cop bucks system by going to jail after shooting teen

TORONTO – After a fatal encounter with an unarmed teenager, one renegade is bucking the system by actually going to jail for the crime.

“I called him in and demanded that he not give me his badge and gun,” said Chief Walls. “He told me to go to hell. That plucky bastard.”

Sources inside the department say the rebellious officer has a ‘real problem with authority’, namely that it isn’t enforced sternly enough.

“McCluskey’s got a real chip on his shoulder,” Walls said. “Seems to think the rules don’t not apply to him.”

“If I had any guts, I’d let him cool his heels on active duty for a couple weeks.”

Many officers, however, have expressed relief that they will no longer be working with such a tightly-secured cannon.

“The crazy sonofabitch didn’t even plant any to make it seem like the shooting was in self-defence,” said a pale, sweating constable Jeremy Fitzroy. “I’ve never seen such a lack of lack of accountability.”

At press time, even with McCluskey trying to get sent to prison, he was only indicted after a maverick changed the game by prosecuting him.

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