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Experts warn against participating in #asbestoschallenge

OTTAWA, ON- Following a recent survey of medical research, a panel of scientists have discovered that the ‘ challenge’ currently trending on social media is not the harmless fun it initially seemed to be.

The challenge, in which people are dared to record themselves eating a spoonful of asbestos and their immediate reactions, began in March 2016 as a means of raising awareness of asbestos poisoning.

While it has raised a lot of money for the cause, experts say that participants may be taking unnecessary risks with their health.

“I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be playing with that stuff,” says Paul Tannson, a contractor with ten years experience in removing asbestos from homes. “I know that breathing it is bad, so maybe just look the other way after you burp for awhile?

“Either way, I still don’t think you should do this challenge thing.”

Despite these findings, not everyone is boycotting the challenge. Erin Therault, CEO of Hacking Squirrel Asbestos Limited, believes that the activity does more good than bad. “Every generation has their ‘life-threatening fad’ Therault said from his airtight office in his factory.

“Remember the Mercury challenge back in the ‘aughts? Man, did we look dumb doing that.”