TTC Promises ‘Transit System of the Year’ decals will be on buses by 2023 - The Beaverton

TTC Promises ‘Transit System of the Year’ decals will be on buses by 2023

TORONTO — The has committed to have decals commemorating its 2017 ‘Transit System of the Year’ award displayed on vehicles no later than 2023.

“We’re in close consultation with our supplier, and are confident this is an achievable timeline,” said CEO , taking a sip from his ‘World’s Greatest Transit Commissioner’ mug. “You should see some by 2019, but we expect fleet-wide implementation some time in 2023. Let’s call it November 2023.”

The decals will replace the ‘My other car is also experiencing longer than average travel times’ bumper stickers currently in use on TTC vehicles.

“I know people are frustrated with the TTC. I’m frustrated. And everyone understands that we need to do better,” said mayor , before an aide could explain to him what today’s announcement was about. “Oh! Well, these decals will be a proud reminder to transit users and operators of what can be achieved by years of funding cuts, crumbling infrastructure and a can-do attitude.”

At press time, the company contracted to print the decals had abruptly vacated their office, leaving only a handwritten note which said their disappearance would not affect the delivery schedule.

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