“Ah – yes! Well, yes, absolutely” - The Beaverton

“Ah – yes! Well, yes, absolutely”

EDITORIAL: By Jeff Goldblum

Mm? Ah! Hello, of course, hello.

It’s uh – well? – I suppose it’s me, Jeff, um Jeff Goldblum the ah actor, performer – of course The Fly, many other uh – here not on the screen but the page, the written page although of course that page is likely ON a screen, in your home, or uh, other um.

But! Alright. There’s – well you know this, why am I, but alright, sure yes – there is at this moment right now in history something that’s um, that’s seems to be very “Hmm? What’s this, should- do we all need to talk about this? Is it THIS now?”

And having a platform as I do and being a part of a uh uh a platform as I do, I have been ah, asked – approached and asked, basically simultaneously – to uh, EXPOUND, to EDITORIALIZE, to, I guess, wax on the uh the uh the uh – “editorialize” is that it, am I using that in the proper uh, the proper uh, the proper uhhhh – about of course this very important and very obviously relevant topic to our current, um, CLIMATE. Political CLIMATE because it’s…

And so? Now? I am on the web, I am webbed-in, I’m on your computer, your uh, your phone your uh, preferred mode of ah, method of um – to do, well, to do exactly, ah… exactly, that.

Alright! So! You’re out there, you’re looking around – “oh I’m, I’m looking around and I’m just, taking it in and it’s it’s it’s everywhere? Did it used to be everywhere? Well that’s, now it is now it’s, that’s interesting. That’s interesting and a little perhaps terrifying, that might be terrifying to me” – and that’s of course, that’s true, that’s valid, but is that – I guess – IT? I guess what I’m, sure, is that IT, entirely. Because I’m not always um… well I’m just not always convinced it’s it.

And that’s really, that’s all – from my uh, my – that’s my perspective that’s my “take,” my “hot um, take on this issue”. And so given this food for thought, armed with this ah – well not armed with food obviously but you understand what uh – having read what you’ve read and I thank you very much for the um, for your uh; but your choices are your own, now as before, as are mine, and my um, my editorial is um… is… completed. Thanks.

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