Hollywood pretty sure this is the searing climate change documentary that will wake world up

– At the premiere of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power numerous representatives from the community expressed the belief that this would finally be the movie that motivates the world to do something about before it is too late.

“I know we’ve been making these movies for years with little to no effect on people’s actions, but I think this is definitely the one,” said producer Lawrence Bender. “Because the stats and visuals in this film are more compelling than Cowspiracy, Chasing Ice, Carbon Nation and Earth 2100.”

“Also The Island President, The 11th Hour, The Age of Stupid, Trading on Thin Air, and An Inconvenient Truth itself,” he added.

Executives say they have learned from previous crises that when one film on an issue does not solve the problem, the solution is to make approximately 300 more.

“I admit I was a little disappointed when my first movie didn’t bring about much action. But I am sure this one will convince Donald Trump to commit to the Paris Accord, end the American coal industry and immediately impose a Cap and Trade system on all major industries,” said .

20th Century Fox was also excited to announce it’s new documentary about Hollywood’s crippling addiction to making .

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