Toronto Public Library rents space to neo-Nazis after they promise to heil quietly

– The Public took a stand yesterday by allowing a planned meeting of prominent neo- to go forward after the group promised to keep their heiling to a low whisper.

“Ordinarily we’d never allow a group of neo-Nazis to assemble in a library. Their ideology is, disgusting,” said librarian Eli Polk. “Specifically, their love of chants, stomping, and shouting racial epithets. The ‘shouting’ part, I mean.”

The group includes some of Canada’s most vocal , all of whom have agreed to praise Hitler using hand gestures if noise is really the Toronto ’s only concern.

“You’d think the library would have been more worried that we support a regime that was known for book-burning,” said Marc Lemire, the former President of the Heritage Front. “But no. They just asked us to keep it down while menacing the black middle-schoolers who use the space to study.”

However, following the event, mayor John Tory has asked the library board to review the room rental policies to make public services friendlier towards other well-funded fascist groups.

“Some people, like the courts, might say this is hate speech,” said Tory. “But I say as long as they use their hate indoor-voices who are they really hurting?”

“You know, besides all the people they’re hurting.”

This is the largest meeting of fascists at a Toronto library since the KKK was kicked out after their burning cross violated the ‘no smoking’ policy.

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