Samoa ejected after trying to sneak into G20 using fake ID - The Beaverton

Samoa ejected after trying to sneak into G20 using fake ID

– In addition to rowdy protests and police action, the was also forced to remove the oft-forgotten island nation of after it attempted to sneak into the conference with a fake ID.

“The little guy handed me some obviously bogus trade numbers and a GDP that had a few extra zeros on the end,” said G20 bouncer Jake Kilgour. “I can’t blame Samoa for trying, this is the hottest international conference going right now.”

Samoa, however, disagrees. The small nation, who only joined the UN in 1976, says the G20 has made a huge mistake.

“They think they’re so big. Yeah, sure, China and the USA might be able to say that,” said Samoan PM Tuilaepa Malielegaoi, dusting himself off. “But Argentina? Italy? You really think they’re better than us?”

“These elitists are gonna be sorry when they start to run out of coconuts and coconut-related products. Then Samoa will be making the guest list.”

This is the most recent attempt to sneak into the G20 since Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama were caught getting into a trenchcoat together in 1998.

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